105.1 to Reclaim Heritage WVOA Calls

May 11, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- There's new information tonight on what's going on with that 105.1 signal that's been off the air since the station's sale from Aloha Stations Trust to Foxfur Communications closed on May 1st.  Co-owner Sam Furco tells 105.1 will reclaim the WVOA call letters it held for 20 years.

The station, licensed to DeRuyter in Madison County, was first identified as WVOA in 1981.  The calls remained in place until 2001.  That's when then-owner Craig Fox transferred them to a sister station licensed to Mexico in Oswego County at 103.9 FM -- just before selling 105.1 to Clear Channel.

Today, Furco, Fox's partner in the acquisition, tells that the WVOA calls will move back to 105.1 by Thursday, and the 103.9 signal will begin identifying itself as WVOU.  The stations will continue to simulcast the religious "Love Radio" format, as we reported last week.

As for the 105.1 signal, another delay: Furco says it "won't be back on until later in the week or early next week."


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