Mark Vanness & Big Jim Donovan Returning to Radio

June 4, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- It's not quite like before, but sidelined on-air personalities Mark Vanness and Big Jim Donovan are returning to the airwaves -- on different stations both in Syracuse -- and both on a part-time basis.

Vanness writes to, "my job search for full time employment continues but in the mean time I will be helping Galaxy Communications and Sunny 102 (WZUN) on the weekends by hosting a few hours on the air both Saturday and Sunday."  He goes on to note the station "has undergone minor but important musical adjustments."

Vanness was let go from his duties as PD and morning co-host of Saga rocker I-100 (WIII) in Ithaca back in January.  He didn't say, but we're wondering if he could be potentially in the running for the vacancy left after former Sunny PD Ted Bradford parted ways with Galaxy just a few weeks ago.  We were told the station would be hiring a replacement, but the job hasn't been officially posted -- at least not anywhere we'd expect to see it.

While wandering around the interwebs, we also stumbled upon a post from Big Jim Donovan on a popular social networking website.  Since we're not sure if he intended his message to be viewable by the public and it displays his real-life last name, we're not linking to it.  (Granted, a determined stalker could probably find it on their own, but we won't help.)

In the post from last week, Big Jim states he's "returning to Q to do some part-time (1 day a week for now), so that will be good to get back in the studio."  As for long-term plans, the man who fell victim to budget cuts last November after a 16-year ride in the midday air chair says his long-term plans may include a return to college in the fall, implying a return to full-time work at the Citadel CHR is unlikely in the foreseeable future.


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