Vanness and Hansom Dropped by I-100

February 13, 2009 by

ITHACA -- A rather unfortunate week for local radio personalities continues. Two staffers at Saga rocker I-100 (WIII) are the latest casualties of the recession that has forced radio operators near and far to trim staffing levels to save money. Former WIII program director and morning co-host Mark Vanness cut right to the chase in telling, "I was cut due to budgets this morning. I can say for sure that Paul Hansom who was doing afternoons for me was also cut."

He notes (and you can see for yourself), "the 'On Air' page at has been changed to reflect an entirely new line up of jocks not currently working in Central New York." Vanness' former co-host, Kat Walters, is now billed as the lone morning host.

Vanness tells us he is "shocked and devastated" about being let go, but reflects on the good times, saying: "I do feel great about all the accolades that my team and I received from the listening public and community for our blood sweat, tears and dedication to the station. I am extremely proud! I hope to be able to do it again some where else for someone else!"

If you've got an opportunity for Mark, reach out to him at markontheair (at)  (We apologize, we had a slight typo in that address earlier.)  You can also call Mark at (607) 662-4619.  He's also got a new website online at

Update 2/19 - We've been informed that Mark has even started a Facebook group called "Find Mark Vanness a Job."  A reader who found it (who was not Mark, but wishes to remain anonymous) thought it was an "interesting way to begin the job search, and a great use of networking."  We can't disagree!

A quick check of the other Saga Ithaca station websites shows there were apparently no other cuts.

2 comments on “Vanness and Hansom Dropped by I-100”

  1. It is never a happy time when anyone looses their job. It is unfortunate that radio is in such a mess these days that it has to come to this. Unfortunately, radio management blaming the economy for all that ails radio today is ludicrous. I wonder how stations 30 years ago could have on air staff 'round the clock and survive. Makes me wonder...maybe what was on the air was not crap? Maybe the station actually served the public and was interesting to listen to so that ad revenue could be generated? Regardless Cortland gets the short end of the stick once again. Our AM is gone and useless, now our FM is on the bird. Thanks Saga. Job well done. Maybe now that the Obama administration is in control the FCC will actually listen when we the people complain come license renewal time. Pathetic.


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