Watertown Legal IDs Appear on "Toppy"

August 19, 2009 by

WATERTOWN -- If you've ever checked out the remarkable collection of radio station legal IDs at (aka "Toppy" for short) you may have noticed the site had no clips from Watertown.  That changed today, as the site added more than a dozen Watertown IDs from 9 different stations.

The Watertown IDs were added by Scott Fybush, who contributes to Toppy when he isn't tracking down every other happening in the radio world from several states and parts of Canada for his weekly NorthEast Radio Watch and visiting transmitter sites across North America for Tower Site of the Week.

Tip: Shortcut to Your Favorite IDs

When you visit the Station Wiki, each station's profile page has a link to Toppy, which will quickly list any IDs available specifically for that station.  Well, that is -- assuming the station's profile page has been completed.  Otherwise, it won't work.  If your favorite station's Wiki page is incomplete, get a FREE account and then login to the Wiki and learn how you can help us out in a matter of minutes!

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