Watertown Sports Show to Expand, Add Call-Ins

WATERTOWN -- Local sports-talk fans in the North Country will soon get more of their daily "fix" during the ride home from work.  Matt McClusky announced today that his ESPN Radio 1410 (WNER) show, MattMc's Sports Fix, will be adding another hour next month.

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Snowmobile Show Expanding Beyond CNY

WATERTOWN -- From the better late than never file, good news for C. Lee Hinkleman, Sr.; the local snowmobiling enthusiast's weekly IROC and Beyond Snowmobile Show is picking up plenty of steam. Reports say the show's affiliate base recently expanded to six stations, and that number will soon double.

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Watertown Legal IDs Appear on "Toppy"

WATERTOWN -- If you've ever checked out the remarkable collection of radio station legal IDs at (aka "Toppy" for short) you may have noticed the site had no clips from Watertown.  That changed today, as the site added more than a dozen Watertown IDs from 9 different stations.

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WNER to Carry Live Semi-Pro Football

WATERTOWN -- North Country ESPN Radio affiliate 1410 The Winner (WNER) will be offering live coverage of all four remaining Watertown Red and Black home games this season.  The semi-pro football club's next home contest is this Saturday.

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Froggy Still Tops in Watertown

WATERTOWN -- The Spring 2009 Arbitron ratings for the Watertown market are out, and the "public" Persons 12+ numbers show Stephens Media Group's Froggy 97 (WFRY) maintaining a very comfortable lead over the competition.

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Matt Mc's Sports Fix Expanding

WATERTOWN -- Good news for fans of "Matt Mc's Sports Fix" on ESPN 1410 The Winner (WNER).  Starting Monday, the show doubles in length, by starting an hour earlier.  It'll air weekdays from 4-6pm.

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WNER to Add Local Sports Talk Show

WATERTOWN -- At a time when many stations are cutting costs by replacing local talent with syndication, one station is doing just the opposite.  Watertown's ESPN Radio 1410 (WNER) launches a new live, local sports talk show next Monday.

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POTW: Watertown School of Commerce vs. WOTT (1967)

WATERTOWN -- Today, tune to 1410 AM in Watertown, and you'll hear ESPN Radio programming on WNER.  But decades ago, the station was known as WOTT, and one former staffer saved some priceless tidbits from that time.

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