WVOA Stunting for Friday Format Flip

August 27, 2009 by

Updated 8/28 at 12:40pm - SYRACUSE -- Still no permanent new format on WVOA 105.1 FM out of DeRuyter, but the station is now on its second stunt as we await what an insider tells us will be "THE switch" to a new permanent format, expected sometime today.
Inside: Vote on your prediction for the new format

Observers tell us (because we can't listen from our "real" job) the station is now running as "80s Hair Band 105.1," replacing the non-stop loop of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf," which started around 10pm last night.

Whatever the final result is, it will be the station's fourth format during 2009. (We recapped all the format changes two weeks ago, when the station flipped from religious programming to Radio Disney.)  Our tipster wasn't able to provide anything else in the way of details, but based on their hints, we presume this will be the end of the format change roller coaster for 105.1 FM for the foreseeable future.

Over the past couple months, local message boards have been hinting and speculating at almost everything from news/talk or sports, to another simulcast of the MOViN' format airing on sister stations WOLF-FM and WWLF-FM.

Does the song hint that the new station will be "Wolf 105.1" or "105-1 The Wolf?"  And if so, will we see call letters being shuffled around?  Our friends at have reported seeing domains including, and being registered last week.  WHOIS searches on all three domains displayed "private" registration through popular web hosting provider

Has radioinsight uncovered the details early, or could any of those domains be decoys, given the relatively low price of domain name registration?  Time will tell -- we'll keep an ear on it (at least, as best we can during breaks at our "real" job) and post updates on any developments as soon as possible.

What Do YOU Predict?

Just for fun, can you guess the new station?  ANYONE can vote on the two questions below... and if you have a  login, feel free to post a comment to elaborate on your picks.

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2 comments on “WVOA Stunting for Friday Format Flip”

  1. [...] is reporting that Foxfur Communications 105.1 WVOA DeRuyter/Syracuse, NY is stunting in preparation of a format change. Since Foxfur acquired the station from Clear Channel the station has simulcasted the Religious programming of sister 103.9 WVOU and the Radio Disney of 1490 WOLF. Those WOLF calls look to be coming in handy as our Net Gnomes have uncovered a trio of domains registered last week:,, and The WOLF-FM calls currently belong to corporate cousin “Movin 100.3” in Syracuse. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Wolf Howling Into Syracuse", url: "" }); Net Gnomes, News  [...]


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