WVOA Flips to Radio Disney

August 14, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- A few months after returning to a prior religious format, WVOA 105.1 has joined some of its sister stations in carrying the syndicated Radio Disney format.  This brings Radio Disney back to the FM dial in Syracuse for the first time since it was replaced by the MOViN format (WOLF-FM/WWLF-FM) a few years ago.

Posters on various internet message boards had been wondering if there was a format flip coming -- partly because of "rumors" attributed to "insiders" and partly because the station has been literally on and off in recent days.

When asked Foxfur Communications co-owner Sam Furco last weekend for an explanation on the outages and for a comment on the format flip rumors, he only responded with, "It is back on the air."  Indeed, at that time late Sunday night, the station was back on the air, but it was still running the religious "Love Radio" format the WVOA call letters have been associated with for many years.

Love Radio wasn't on for much longer though; the station went dark again earlier this week, and when we checked back just before midnight this morning, Radio Disney had taken over.  The midnight legal ID included existing Radio Disney affiliates WOLF(AM), WWLF(AM) and WAMF, followed by WVOA at the very end.  All the calls sounded consistent (as opposed to WVOA being cheaply slapped onto the end), leading us to believe this is either a permanent change or a very convincing method of stunting for more changes to come. has contacted Furco for any additional details on this latest change; if he has anything to add, we'll update the story when we hear back.

Thank You! To two readers who have a better memory than we do: the article originally stated this was Radio Disney's first time ever on the FM dial. We had forgotten that Radio Disney was available on the FM dial before Foxfur put the current MOViN format on those signals.

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