Power 106.9 Completes Tower Move

September 4, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- For years it was somewhat ironic: the urban station that barely had a decent signal in the urban area it was intended to serve.  But now, Power 106.9 (WPHR) sounds a lot more... powerful.  (Go ahead and groan at the pun... it's been a long week, it's Friday evening, we couldn't resist.)

The changes happened this week, almost a full year since Clear Channel first filed with the FCC for permission to make the move.

It's no surprise Power struggled to reach Syracuse -- the former transmitter location was halfway between Auburn and Moravia.  While the station's full-strength contour covered Syracuse, reception was reportedly spotty in some areas.  And a separate FCC service contour map shows the backup transmitter barely covered Syracuse anytime the primary transmitter was out of service.   In either case, the in-city signal was considered inferior enough that the FCC granted permission for a low-power on-channel booster right in the city.

With the move to the new tower, it's just the opposite -- the current WPHR signal contour map shows Syracuse completely covered, but now Auburn's on the fringe of the signal.  That's not a concern for Clear Channel though, as the station's COL has been changed to Solvay.  An observant reader noticed the new legal IDs airing last night -- from Oswego, a place where picking up 106.9 used to be difficult, if not impossible.

One comment on “Power 106.9 Completes Tower Move”

  1. I love WPHR 106.9 radio. I live in Ithaca, New York and used to listen to this station every day. I looked forward to all the different programming and hosts
    on this station. Although the signal is now stronger in the Syracuse area with
    the FCC granting permission for a low power on channel booster, the signal no
    longer reaches Ithaca. I hope the Clear Channel persons will consider how this
    move has affected the rest of the former listening area and make another change
    making it possible once again for Ithaca to listen to your station.
    Please advise what I can do to make this happen ?
    Is there anything I can do to be able to get this station again ?

    Roxanne Ronsvalle


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