SU Law Prof Blasts CC Format Flip "Games"

September 16, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- One Syracuse University School of Law professor was notably upset with Clear Channel's recent weekend-long format flip from urban Power 106.9 to "Young Country 106.9" and then back to Power.  LaVonda N. Reed-Huff's thoughts were published on the opinion page of the Syracuse Post-Standard.  If you missed the paper, you can read the article online.

2 comments on “SU Law Prof Blasts CC Format Flip "Games"”

  1. The main point of the piece seems to be that the corporate ClearChannel folks haven't much regard for their urban listeners on this station. The author uses this point primarily to argue for the "localism" that many of the right-wing talk hosts have implied is a backdoor means to bring in the "fairness doctrine" - in some ways I can agree with her opinion (ClearChannel has little regard for it's listeners regardless of demographic), but at the same time it's much harder for standalone and small station groups to compete and survive right now, the situation is something of a catch-22.

    As for the right-wing guys, it all depends on if those minority owners want to try to be profitable or not - the ones who want to be profitable will run the syndicated shows regardless - and it also depends on if "localism" is only with regard to ownership, or if it's pushed to include content as well.

  2. Maybe Lavonda and her colleagues should support Power with actually listening and filling out diaries---I hear their ratings suck. Then if they supported CC, CC would support them.


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