Brian Ocean Celebrates 10 Years of Webcasting

October 10, 2009 by

SYRACUSE -- Brian Ocean may not have been on your radio in the last decade, but he's still been sitting behind the mic, speaking to audiences that span the world over.  This fall, he's celebrating his 10th anniversary as a webcaster, sharing an example of the global connections he has made.

Ocean started his first website,, late in 1999.  Since then, he's rebranded under the not-as-locally-specific address of but the original address still works too -- along with the very short, which Ocean says is designed to keep the typing to a minimum for mobile device users.

Going online, Ocean says, "has had its share of interesting turns and twists and has grown into a recognized worldwide broadcast."

But even after 10 years, there are still some "firsts" as Ocean tells

Some Facebook friends and I connected with Skype from my family room, St. Louis, a small town in Arkansas, Finland and Fayetteville. All in a conference talking about conservative things, and playing the absolute best music in America. The great thing about a Skype is that you can choose the mic to plug into your computer so the sound is like night and day compared to lets say, a cell phone. Joe Dan Gorman was on an Electrovoice and sounded like he was sitting next to me in the studio.

Ocean tells he's optimistic about the prospects for webcasting.  "Be ready for unlimited broadband in cars," he says, referring to the coming rollout of 4G wireless networks.

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3 comments on “Brian Ocean Celebrates 10 Years of Webcasting”

  1. Since finding this station on facebook I have been in love. Plays the best music out there but the PLUS to all of this is that there are no commericals!!! Thank you! Thank You!

  2. I was happy to see this article about Brian's station. He's put a ton of work into it. Music is unique, and fills a void that's not offered on the broadcast spectrum. Brian's got a good ear, and, maybe, when the technology allows, he'll have a hot little property on his hands. Good goin' Brian.

  3. Brian is a trend setter and has done a great job with his internet radio station. Congrats on your 10 years!


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