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Brian Ocean Celebrates 10 Years of Webcasting

SYRACUSE -- Brian Ocean may not have been on your radio in the last decade, but he's still been sitting behind the mic, speaking to audiences that span the world over.  This fall, he's celebrating his 10th anniversary as a webcaster, sharing an example of the global connections he has made.

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Web streaming still on hold after new court ruling

A federal court has upheld a previous ruling that broadcast radio stations must pay new royalties when streaming their programming online. Most radio stations stopped web streaming earlier this year and may be held responsible for any additional royalties as far back as 1998. Source: CNET

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Clear Channel to test new web streaming

Two months after most radio stations across the country stopped streaming their signals on the web because of a dispute over fees for traditional radio commercials that are simulcast on the web, Clear Channel Interactive announced that they have come up with a solution.

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With the legal wranglings concerning web rebroadcasts still up in the air, has begun "broadcasting" live on channel 1 from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.'s Brian Hofer says, "after a shot of new Road Runner customers started tuning in on a regular basis, a live midday show is the best way to […]

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Syracuse radio stations stop web broadcasts

The world of online web rebroadcast of radio stations across the country has been put on hold. At issue, a 1999 union contract requiring advertising agencies to pay voice-over artists 300 percent of their normal fees if a radio commercial is simulcast on the web. Most radio stations across the country, including those in Syracuse, […]

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