Finger Lakes Radio Group Facing $30,000 in FCC Fines

October 13, 2009 by

GENEVA -- Three stations in the Finger Lakes Radio Group have been fined $10,000 each -- for being honest about their public files lacking information about certain issues which aired on the stations prior to 2001.

The stations fined are WNYR-FM Waterloo, WAUB Auburn and WSFW Seneca Falls.  More details in this week's edition of NorthEast Radio Watch by Scott Fybush.

3 comments on “Finger Lakes Radio Group Facing $30,000 in FCC Fines”

  1. Only the FCC would care about things that happened nearly 10 years or more ago to fine someone $10,000 over omissions that no one would even know about if these guys hadn't been honest.

  2. In response to Pontiac59's comment about The Fingerlakes Radio Group's honesty-------Had the Fingerlakes Radio Group BEEN honest to begin with, they would not have DESERVED the FCC fine
    of $30,000. They know, to lie to the FCC, after committing an offense worth $30,000, would put them into REAL trouble. It was NOT honesty, that made them 'fess up. It was SELF PRESERVATION.

  3. This begs the question of what sort of troll replies to a three and a half year old comment just to imply that the Finger Lakes Radio Group purposely lied about what amounts at worst to a clerical error that happened now over a dozen years ago.


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