Quick Impromptu Contest: Show Us Your Snow!

February 25, 2010 by

Deadline for entries was 5:00pm tonight, the contest is closed. We still need a Picture of the Week (it launches tomorrow) and we'd love to feature a photo that documents the "obvious" big story of the day: this massive snowstorm! Got a picture of your station van covered in snow? Talent and staff doing snow angels? Anything else along those lines? Submitter of the best picture wins a $15 gift card from your favorite chain restaurant.

Previous POTW from 12/2009

Yep, that's how serious I am about this contest... I'll take $15 out of my own pocket to send a gift card to the person who submits the best picture involving local radio ("local" being within the Syracuse, Utica-Rome, Watertown or Ithaca/Cortland markets as defined by Arbitron) and today's snowfall.

All appropriate photos we receive will be published as Pictures of the Week tomorrow, but only the best picture will win the gift card. It can be for Applebees, Outback, Red Lobster, Dennys or any other chain restaurant as long as they have a location in the greater Syracuse area.

Given the short time frame for entries, your entry may very well be the winner by default!

Send entries to and, for bonus points, include a caption or description of the picture, complete with name(s) of any station staffers visible in the photo.

Contest winner to be chosen by and all decisions are considered final. Winner will be notified via email. Gift card will be purchased and mailed within 72 hours of receipt of winner's choice of restaurant.

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