POTW Quiz: Name Those Vintage Mics! (2010)

April 23, 2010 by

ITHACA -- If you've been reading for awhile, you might remember last May, when we had a "Name that Studio" Picture of the Week -- the "mystery studio" was the home studio of Ithaca's Rudy Paolangeli.  This week, Rudy has an impressive collection of vintage microphones... see how many you can identify by make or model.

There's an "answer key" below this photo -- so if you want to seriously make some guesses first, don't scroll down too quickly.

And now for the answers, according to Rudy:

1. Altec 639B

2. RCA Senior Velocity 44BX

3. RCA Junior Velocity 74B

4. Western Electric 630A (a.k.a. "The 8-Ball")

5. RCA 77 DX

6. Altec 633A (a.k.a. "The Salt Shaker")

7. Electro-Voice 664

8. Shure 545 Unidyne III

Rudy says all eight of these microphones are in excellent condition and part of his extensive personal collection of audio production equipment at his RP MEDIA Broadcast & Production Studio.  If you saw the pictures of his studio from last May, you may recall this is where he records the weekly two-hour "Rudy Paolangeli Show," which airs Sunday mornings on WHCU.

Got Pictures?

Our thanks again to Rudy Paolangeli for providing our latest Picture of the Week!  We're always interested in what's happening today at your station, or a look back at notable photographs from the past.  Send those shots to or upload via our handy Contact Form.  There's a new Picture of the Week every Friday.  It's a hungry beast to feed, and your editor is always so very grateful when he doesn't have to surf the interwebs to find pictures himself.


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