Galaxy Unveils Local Afternoon Show for ESPN

May 6, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- The New ESPN Radio (WTLA/WSGO and 97.7/100.1FM) will soon come through on its promise to expand upon locally-originated programming.  Disturbing the Peace will air during afternoon drive, starting Monday, May 17.  The show will be co-hosted primarily by Chris McManus and Anthony Riccobono.

According to a press release from station owner Galaxy Communications, the new show will air weekdays from 2-6pm.  CEO Ed Levine says "this will be a different type of local sports/talk show," describing his vision for the show to be "hipper, cooler, faster."

McManus comes to ESPN Radio from Syracuse University-based NPR affiliate WAER, where he served as sports talk director for the past year.  Riccobono's name may not be very well-known to listeners, but prior to joining ESPN Radio, he was producer of On the Block with Brent Axe across town at Citadel's The Score 1260 (WSKO).  The move to Galaxy will put Riccobono head-to-head against his former boss.

Former 95X personality and current Walk-Up Radio co-host Paulie Scibilia and show producer Lauren Levine are also expected to make contributions to the program, according to the press release.

Ed Levine says, "the new ESPN Radio became the most successful sports station in Syracuse by any measurement in its first 30 days on the air!  Having a daily local show will continue the incredible momentum."

Galaxy acquired the Syracuse market's affiliation with ESPN Radio on March 6th, with primary coverage on WTLA 1200 in Syracuse and WSGO 1440 in Oswego.  But the main focus of the stations' marketing campaign has been on the higher-quality audio provided on the FM dial, via translators at 97.7 in Syracuse and 100.1 in Oswego.

One comment on “Galaxy Unveils Local Afternoon Show for ESPN”

  1. Show me the ratings book, Ed... If they're so good with the syndicated shows, why do you need the local show, Ed?

    Wonder if the folks at ClearChannel are starting to regret basically canning all the local hosts/shows at WHEN?


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