WSYR Reportedly Cuts 2 Reporters

January 14, 2011 by

Updated 1/17 -- SYRACUSE -- As national radio news websites like report on job cuts at Clear Channel stations across the country, we've heard rumblings that those cuts include two reporters at FM Newsradio 106.9 WSYR.  While the cuts have not been confirmed by Clear Channel management, we've heard from multiple readers known to us as trusted sources.

The various tipsters concur that the two staffers let go today are reporters Tiffany Latino and Michelle Clark.  We did not hear from Latino or Clark, but from other sources aware of the cuts -- who requested their names be withheld from this story. has contacted Syracuse ops manager Rich Lauber in an attempt to receive confirmation, denial, correction or other comment, but as of yet, he has not returned our call.  If and when we do learn anything new, we'll update the story.

Earlier, had reported that plans for a corporate "hub-and-spoke" realignment of services were revealed when someone accidentally posted those plans on an open section of Clear Channel's intranet.  Back in December, we had received reports that Clear Channel eliminated an accounting/business manager from Syracuse, but management never responded to our requests for comment on the matter.

Added 1/17:  Still no comment from Clear Channel, but multiple outside sources "in the know" have told us that the layoffs leave WSYR with just one street reporter, Ellen Abbott.  We've also been told the cuts were ordered "by corporate," not necessarily by local management.

2 comments on “WSYR Reportedly Cuts 2 Reporters”

  1. The story's not really complete until you tell us how many total reporters there are - or were - before this ax fell.


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