Utica's B95.5FM Seeks Talk Show Host

February 21, 2011 by

UTICA/ROME -- Roser Communications Network is seeking a new host for Talk of the Town, the two-hour local talk show which airs weekday mornings on the trimulcast of B95.5 (W238CA), WUTQ and WADR.  Former host Mike Walsh has accepted a new job elsewhere.

Walsh, had hosted Talk of the Town since it debuted last August.  Roser ops manager Dave Silvers tells that Walsh has accepted a new position with the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona.  Here's the official job posting we received from Silvers:

The only FM talk show in Utica, NY is looking for a LOCAL morning host. Local topics, local guests--LOCAL host. Trimulcast on 2 AMs. B95.5FM/WUTQ/WADR.

We need someone who knows the local, county and state issues. Can you produce a national-sounding show? Can you book an entertaining show? Can you get today's news on tomorrow's show? Can you call it down the middle but still take sides?

We're not looking for an egotistical hothead willing to piss off every guest and caller. We're not looking for the 2nd coming of Rush Limbaugh. This is a growing opportunity with almost endless possibilities. If you're willing to grab this bull by the horns, let us know.

Send your stuff to Dave Silvers, EOE.

Talk of the Town airs weekdays from 8-10am on B95.5, WUTQ and WADR.

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One comment on “Utica's B95.5FM Seeks Talk Show Host”

  1. Why would WUTQ want another person in that position? Mike Walsh did an excellent job interviewing guests. He did a great job keeping things moving without very many callers. How can a guy do a talk show when nobody calls in? WUTQ is trying to take on WIBX during their talk show time. WUTQ plays music and liners the rest of the day. Why would people who like that format make it a point to participate in a talk show when WIBX already has a firmly established talk show on the air at the same time? Number one, talk doesn't fit the WUTQ format, number two its at the wrong time of day, and number three it didn't help WUTQ/WADR ratings last book at all. WUTQ's attempt at trying to take away WIBX and WLZW listeners is a losing battle. WIBX & WLZW have better signals, and are well planted with both formats. WUTQ should get rid of the chick liners, two hour interview programs, the one hour WKTV news blocks. Put on some local announcers that can talk to the Mohawk Valley. I will say, that adding the 3-5 minute state/local news was a good idea. But it would sound better if it wasn't pieced together, but done live.
    The national news sounded good at 9 AM. I didn't hear that at 7 or 8 AM. I don't know if its played at other times during the day. When 1,000 watt AM stations are selling for $20,000, these owners should be giving the public more than what they can already get on Serius satellite or on web streaming. Young people are not tuning in AM radio for sure. Half of Utica probably tunes in for the Polkas and Italian music. Isn't it be time to program to that audience? I'm not saying polka and Italian 24/7 but there is a lot that can be programmed for this area. A lot more than just liners and music.


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