Clear Channel Cuts Include Former Utica PD Randy Jay

March 10, 2011 by

UTICA/ROME -- You may have read in the national trades by now, about yet another round of cuts by Clear Channel. This time around, the cuts mainly targeted production staffers. One of those pink-slipped this week was Randy Spicer, who went to work for CC in Atlanta after more than a dozen years at Utica's Lite 98.7 (WLZW).

Spicer -- known as Randy Jay during his time in Utica radio -- announced the news earlier this week on his personal Facebook page.  He expressed gratitude for the chance to work with talented colleagues over the past seven years.  He also says he's optimistic about the chance to explore new opportunities within the field.

In this morning's Taylor on Radio-Info e-newsletter, Randy was described as a "'writer, producer, versatile VO, imaging type' - the kind of versatile person who makes everything work."

In addition to seeking his next full-time opportunity, Randy runs his own production service, AudioTheater... so whether you know of any good opportunities, or if you'd like to hire Randy directly for voiceovers, imaging, or any other kind of audio production, contact him through his website at or (909) 606-4555.

National trade websites say the cuts in Atlanta and elsewhere are part of Clear Channel's expansion of a "hub and spoke" business model where certain duties are centralized in "hub" locations and provided for stations in the "spoke" markets.  In December, Clear Channel executed a similar "hub and spoke" consolidation of back-office jobs.  Several readers told us the cuts included the business manager from CC's Syracuse cluster, but management never responded to our requests for verification.

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Editor's Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Randy was my first boss in radio, hiring me as a part-timer for WLZW in 1999 and later as the station's full-time afternoon drive host.  Our best wishes to go out to Randy, his wife and their two children.


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