Syndicated Jock/PD Dave Michaels Dies at 60

April 20, 2011 by

DALLAS -- Dave Michaels, the PD and midday host Citadel Media's syndicated "Classic Hits" service, has died at the age of 60, reports For several years, Michaels and his "Workday Request Party" could be heard locally on Oldiez 96.1 (WODZ) in Utica.

Radio-Info says Michaels was battling cancer.  The national site also notes that Michaels programmed the syndicated service for years, dating back to when the format was referred to as "Oldies Radio" and it was owned by ABC Radio Networks. In more-recent years, Michaels brought the playlist into the 80s, rebranding the format as "Classic Hits."

For many years, WODZ carried the syndicated format around the clock, only breaking away from the network for its locally-hosted weekday morning drive show (and for a few years, a local afternoon show).  Not long after the "Oldies Radio" network feed evolved to "Classic Hits," WODZ switched networks, to Citadel Media's "True Oldies Channel" in May 2010.  That didn't last long either -- the station now runs an all-local schedule, except for some syndicated specialty programs on weekends.

Our condolences to family, friends and colleagues of Michaels.

2 comments on “Syndicated Jock/PD Dave Michaels Dies at 60”

  1. I was very surprised and sad to hear from Stuart at Citadel Media of Dave Michaels passing. When I was at WODZ he was the 2nd guy from ABC that I worked with. Dave was a great guy for all of those 8 years. He always took my calls and made many adjustments to programming the Classic hits format that he and I discussed. I stayed in touch with him since I left WODZ and he was always upbeat and happy to chat. When Dave came to Utica to do music testing we enjoyed some burgers and made fast friends. He didn't let on that he was ill the last we spoke. I wish his family and those in his radio family at Classic hits my best thoughts.

    Nick Caplan

    Program Director Of Oldiez 96.1. 1999 to 2007

  2. I was shocked to see that Dave had passed away. He and I worked at several of the same stations and companies over the years, he was a true radio guy. He really loved radio and the stations he programmed showed just how much. He will be very missed......


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