WCNY Debuts New Arts & Culture Program

July 5, 2011 by

SYRACUSE -- Chances are pretty good that, if one listens to classical music radio, one has some degree of interest in the arts. This past weekend, Classic FM (WCNY-FM) debuted a new series of local programs "devoted to Central New York arts and culture." Arts Talk premiered on Sunday evening, but if you missed it, you'll have several other opportunities to listen.

According to a press release from the public broadcaster, Arts Talk is a joint venture between WCNY and the Redhouse Arts Center in Syracuse. The station promises "you'll hear about arts and cultural initiatives from the talented people who live and work in this area. You'll also hear interviews from the cutting-edge writers, artists, authors, musicians and playwrights who visit Central New York to offer their works."

The first edition of Arts Talk consists of a three-minute interview with Syracuse poet Phil Memmer, Executive Director of the YMCA Downtown Writer's Center. Memmer talks about the variety of writers he works with at the center and he reflects on the written word's impact on our culture.

Arts Talk airs following the NPR top-of-hour newscast, with new episodes debuting every Sunday night just after 6pm. Each week's episode will run again the following Wednesday and Thursday at midnight, 8am, 10am, noon, 5pm and 10pm. You can also listen to the episodes online, via the new Arts Talk page on

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