Tyburn Academy to Sell 88.7FM Construction Permit

September 7, 2011 by

AUBURN -- Private middle school Tyburn Academy is getting out of the radio business after barely getting started. According to documents filed with the FCC, Tyburn is selling its construction permit for 88.7FM (WTMI/Fleming) to Williamsville-based religious broadcaster Holy Family Communications. The pricetag: a mere $1,000.

Although a purchase contract between Tyburn Academy and Holy Family Communications was signed back in March, the required FCC Form 314 was just filed on September 1st. The FCC lists the transaction "Accepted for Filing" as of September 2, and it was just announced in today's FCC Daily Digest.

The actual purchase contract is posted on the FCC website (PDF file) as an attachment to the application form. It says the $1,000 purchase price covers the permit only -- no equipment, no real estate.

The original construction permit for WTMI includes a May 2012 deadline for the station to be fully operational.  The permit authorizes its holder to eventually broadcast at an ERP of 1,300 watts from an antenna located nearly 185 meters above average terrain.  The station's proposed 60 dBu service contour stretches east-west from Cayuga Lake almost to Interstate 81, and north-south from the NYS Thruway almost to Ithaca.

"Accepted for Filing" means the FCC doesn't see any immediate obstacles which would prevent it from approving the transfer request, but it first must allow a set period of time for public comment.  If there are no worthy objections to the proposed transfer, it will almost definitely be approved.


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