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Auburn's 88.7 WTMI to offer live radio coverage of Conclave

AUBURN -- It hasn't even had it's official "Kick-Off" yet -- that's March 24th -- but 88.7 WTMI Catholic Radio is hitting the ground running, positioning itself as the area's exclusive provider for live radio coverage of the Conclave, the upcoming election of a new Pope.

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New Station WTMI Appears to Meet Construction Deadline

Updated 5/14 -- AUBURN -- New radio station 88.7 WTMI/Fleming has met the required FCC deadlines to commence broadcasting and to file the necessary paperwork to have its construction permit upgraded to a permanent broadcast license.  Today, the FCC website was updated to show that WTMI's applications for program test authority and license to cover were […]

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FCC Approves WTMI Sale... "With Condition"

AUBURN -- A private middle school has been granted FCC approval to sell its construction permit for a new radio station to a religious broadcaster from the Buffalo area. But federal regulators say the OK comes with some conditions. Among them, the CP's new owner won't get any extra time to get the new station […]

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Tyburn Academy to Sell 88.7FM Construction Permit

AUBURN -- Private middle school Tyburn Academy is getting out of the radio business after barely getting started. According to documents filed with the FCC, Tyburn is selling its construction permit for 88.7FM (WTMI/Fleming) to Williamsville-based religious broadcaster Holy Family Communications. The pricetag: a mere $1,000.

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