New Station WTMI Appears to Meet Construction Deadline

May 14, 2012 by

Updated 5/14 -- AUBURN -- New radio station 88.7 WTMI/Fleming has met the required FCC deadlines to commence broadcasting and to file the necessary paperwork to have its construction permit upgraded to a permanent broadcast license.  Today, the FCC website was updated to show that WTMI's applications for program test authority and license to cover were both filed on-deadline last week and "accepted for filing" today.

In our earlier coverage last week (full original story below), we had confirmed an anonymous reader tip that WTMI had in fact commenced broadcasting, with a simulcast of the audio feed from the religious EWTN cable television channel.

Since then, one reader on Twitter told us he first heard the new signal as early as April 6.  Another reader posted a comment (also seen below) concurring with the April start, and also noting that WTMI owner Holy Family Communications hadn't filed for "program test authority," something which is supposed to happen prior to the start of any test broadcasting.  Despite that, the FCC website indicates that application for program test authority, and for the final "license to cover" were both submitted on the Construction Permit's May 7 deadline, and officially "accepted for filing" as of today (May 14).

When the FCC says applications have been "accepted for filing," that means the Commission doesn't see any immediate problems with the applications, and will likely issue a final approval within the next few weeks, unless any substantial objections are raised during the intervening public comment period.

Original Article from May 10

WTMI Begins Transmissions to Meet CP Deadline

AUBURN -- On the western fringe of the Syracuse radio market, a new radio station appears to have taken to the airwaves just in time to meet its construction permit deadline.  Holy Family Communications is simulcasting the audio from cable television's EWTN on 88.7FM WTMI/Fleming.  But getting a signal on the air before the FCC's deadline is just part of the requirement for a new station to get upgraded to from a construction permit to a full license.

Thanks to a reader who wrote in to report discovering the signal after having "accidentally hit the scan button in the car on Saturday." The reader asked if this has been going on for awhile.  To the best of our knowledge, no.

Here at HQ, we tuned-in the signal this evening and found the signal to be barely audible -- but that's to be expected, considering the station was authorized to broadcast at just 600 watts and the station's 60dBu contour doesn't even reach Syracuse from the transmitter site between Owasco and Skaneateles Lakes.

As reported here in October, the construction permit was originally issued to Tyburn Academy, but the private middle school apparently changed its mind about getting into the radio business, selling the permit to Holy Family Communications for a mere $1,000.  The low selling price may have had something to do with the fact that the sales contract didn't include any facilities or equipment -- and the buyer would still have only have about 7 months to get the entire thing built.  Construction permits usually carry a 3-year deadline to get a station up and running, and the FCC usually doesn't grant extensions solely due to an ownership transfer.

The deadline for the WTMI construction permit was this past Monday, May 7.  Our anonymous reader's report of audio on Saturday means the station apparently completed construction in-time.  But as of Thursday evening, WTMI's listing on the FCC website doesn't show any application for a "license to cover."  That filing is also expected to be made prior to the deadline.  However, the absence of a filing on the FCC website doesn't necessarily mean trouble for the station -- it's possible the filing has been received, but simply hasn't been posted to the website yet.

Holy Family Communications is based in Williamsville, a suburb of Buffalo.  According to FCC records, the company also has interests in the following stations:


We'll be keeping an ear on the station and an eye on the FCC website for any possible developments.

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Thanks to the anonymous tipster who reported hearing the new signal on 88.7FM.  We're always appreciative for news tips from our readers.  If you don't want us to know who you are, just say so when you email -- or do as our tipster for this story did, and simply leave your name and email address blank when you fill out our Contact Form.

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4 comments on “New Station WTMI Appears to Meet Construction Deadline”

  1. This station has been on the air for a few weeks prior to the deadline, I think as early as April. However, there are a couple of things of note. First, the station is directional. It's signal is actually more towards the NW, and has a decent reach into the Finger Lakes.
    However, there could be a problem. First, it looks like they did not file any documentation to actually conduct program tests, as required by the permit, including a license to cover application. I don't see a filing for program test authority, which is to include quite a bit of documentation, including affadavits and reports. This is BEFORE they can put the thing on the air with programming, which is a stipulation of their permit. So, one might wonder if they actually are in compliance?

    1. Thanks for the report... another reader told me via Twitter that WTMI had been on-air since April. I was already on the road for a weekend trip by that point, and didn't have a chance to update the story prior to your comment being posted. It appears that, as of today 5/14/12, the applications for Program Test Authority and License to Cover have been "accepted for filing" by the FCC. The License to Cover app is now on the FCC website, and was electronically signed by Holy Family Communications President James Wright on April 30, and the electronic signature from engineer William Havas is dated May 7, the deadline of the CP. So, it appears the documents were filed on-time, but not posted for public view on the FCC website until today.

  2. Anybody told them that TMI is a common abbriviation for "Too Much Info" ... usually used when someone tells a story that involves something gross or that should have stayed personal.... ?

  3. A couple of things on the filing...First, it was not actually filed on the 7th, but the 11th, so it was late. Second, their filing is missing the surveyor's certification that the antenna was installed correctly, which will get it kicked back. And lastly, they were on the air well before the program test authority was even filed for, which is also a problem.


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