NewsChannel 9 selling one building, expanding another

October 22, 2013 by

SYRACUSE -- After many years split between two separate buildings, NewsChannel 9 (WSYR-TV) is looking to bring its entire staff back together under a single roof.  Texas-based owner Nexstar Broadcasting is looking to expand the station's main studio building on Bridge Street in East Syracuse, while selling-off a separate office building on nearby Enterprise Parkway.

In a story on, reporter Elizabeth Doran says work is already underway on the expansion of the building, plainly visible from nearby Interstate 690, with the station's former logo on the side facing the highway.

By contrast, the other building looks fairly ordinary, with no logos or other signage visible to passing traffic.  According to Doran's report, WSYR-TV General Manager Theresa Underwood says the 15,000-square foot Enterprise Parkway building has generated "a lot of interest, but no buyers yet."

Underwood said the mostly-administrative building hasn't been quite as full since Nexstar Broadcasting eliminated a number of positions nearly a year ago, almost immediately after the Texas-based company purchased WSYR-TV from former owner Newport Television.  Therefore, she explained, the company decided it would make sense to expand the Bridge Street building so it can house all employees, then sell the Enterprise Parkway building.

A television spot advertising the building has been airing -- though your editor has only managed to catch it on WSYR's 9.2 subchannel so far (we're not going to say it hasn't aired on the primary 9.1; we're just saying we haven't seen it there as of yet).  A longer video promoting the building, running over 5 minutes long, has been posted to YouTube by Pyramid Brokerage Company.

The report didn't say exactly how much space would be added to 5904 Bridge Street, but there will also be a 28-space parking lot.


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