"Wax Museum" Special to Highlight Syracuse Music History

February 16, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- It's a trip down memory lane with some of the biggest musicians in Syracuse history this Sunday.  "The Wax Museum" on Love Radio WVOA 103.9/95.3/98.1 will devote all three hours of this week's show to music and live in-studio guests from groups like The Monterays, Stroke, The Madisons and more.

"The Wax Museum" is hosted by Ronnie Dark, along with Mike “The Night Owl” Adams and John “The Commander” Walsh, every Sunday from 7-10pm.  WVOA's primary signal is 103.9FM from Mexico, in Oswego County.  The station gets help with coverage from translators on 95.3FM in Syracuse and 98.1FM in LaFayette.

Walsh tells, "we will have in studio guests such as Dan Elliott and Ron Lauback of The Monterays, Don Barber of the Dukes, Isreal Hagan of Stroke, Johnny Whipple of The Madisons, Mark Cole of Out Of Control and Michael Davis of The Coachmen, among others."  As is usually the case for any live broadcast with lots of guests, Walsh tosses in the disclaimer, "artists subject to change."

If you can't get WVOA or its translators on your radio, the station streams live online at

The Wax Museum Gets Some Ink (Literally)

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a feature story on "The Wax Museum" in this week's edition of the Syracuse New Times, published Wednesday.  You'll find some in-studio action shots of Ronnie Dark and crew, along with some more information about the show and its hosts.  You can find the New Times free in countless locations in and around Syracuse until next week's edition is published, or you can read the article online.

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