93Q's Ted Long Talking Weight Loss on CBS5 Tonight

February 29, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- Subway spokesman Jared Fogel?  He's yesterday's news.  93Q (WNTQ) morning co-host Ted Long has lost more than 100 pounds since September, and he's going to show off the giant jeans he used to wear, tonight on CBS 5 News at 5:30.

Long's weight loss started soon after he underwent gastric bypass surgery at Crouse Hospital.  Shortly after the surgery, Long announced his goal to lose 150 pounds.  He's getting pretty close -- on 93Q's website today, Long says he has lost 111 pounds so far.

CBS5 anchor Michael Benny invited Long to appear on tonight's newscast for a live interview to discuss his progress.  And Long writes, "yes, I'll be bringing my GIANT pants with me."

Crouse Hospital's web site also has a page tracking Ted's progress.  About a month after Ted's surgery, the hospital says Ted's wife Bobbie had the same procedure, and she's lost 50 pounds.


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