Syracuse Press Club Names Award Winners

March 26, 2012 by

Updated 8:05pm -- SYRACUSE -- Public stations WRVO and WAER dominate the list of radio winners for the 2011 Syracuse Press Club Professional Recognition Awards Contest.  On the TV news side, cablecaster YNN and Syracuse ABC affiliate NewsChannel 9 were neck-and-neck for bragging rights on picking up the most awards.  The list was released just this afternoon, and awards will be conferred at the SPC's annual banquet in May.

SPC Contest Coordinator Mike McAndrew says the dinner is slated for Saturday, May 5, at Drumlins Country Club in Syracuse.  Reservations will be accepted online at starting on Monday, April 2.  Hosts, speakers and other details are yet to be announced.  Tickets will be $40 per seat, or $380 for a table of ten.

Here are the winners from radio and television news categories (and online categories awarded to radio or TV outlets)... the full list is posted on the SPC website.


News Website

  • 1st Place, Staff, Becky Combes, Ginger Whitaker, Teresa Riley,
  • 2nd Place, Staff,


  • 1st Place, Matt Mulcahy,, Matt’s Memo: Sweet dreams Angel
  • 2nd Place, Katie Gibas,, Give it a tri

Public Service

  • 1st Place, Jeff Platsky, Staff,, Data Center
  • 2nd Place, Peter M. Naughton,


Public Affairs Program

  • 1st Place, Emma Jacobs, Rachel Ward, Mark Lavonier, WRVO, Innovation conversation: Following the power lines
  • 2nd Place, Fergus Nicoll, Fred Vigeant , Mark Lavonier, WRVO, Community forum - culture under siege in Pakistan

News Feature

  • 1st Place, Joyce Gramza, WRVO, Transforming long term care in CNY
  • 2nd Place, John Smith, WAER, Syracuse Tech Garden entreprenuers

Investigative Story

  • 1st Place, Joyce Gramza, WRVO, Prom, body image and eating disorders
  • 2nd Place, Ellen Abbott, WRVO, Concussions

Sports Story

  • 1st Place, Kevin Barry, WAER, Penn State scandal reactions
  • 2nd Place, Adam Feldfogel, WAER, Dyshawn Davis, special relationship with coach

Spot News

  • 1st Place, Chris Bolt, WAER, 99 percent and Jobs Act at bridge

Human Interest Feature

  • 1st Place, Ellen Abbott, WRVO, Central New York woman helps heal the sick with music
  • 2nd Place, A. Randall Wenner, Freelance, Remembering the Cardiff Giant



  • 1st Place, Curtis Jetter, YNN, After the storm
  • 2nd Place, Brian Dwyer, Curtis Jetter, YNN, Force on force

Special Program

  • 1st Place, Jim Beebe, Tim Fox, WSYR TV, Lion King
  • 2nd Place, News Staff, WKTV, Boilermaker 2011

Spot News

  • 1st Place, Staff, WSYR TV, Flooding 9/8/11
  • 2nd Place, Staff, YNN, Flooding ravages Southern Tier

Investigative Story

  • 1st Place, Katie Alexander, WWNY, The war within - combating military suicides
  • 2nd Place, Christie Casciano, Jack Estabrook, WSYR TV, Targeting gang violence

News Feature

  • 1st Place, Tim Fisher, WKTV, Heartbreak on Schuyler Street
  • 2nd Place, Alex Dunbar, CNY Central, School kids Grammy nomination

Human Interest Feature

  • 1st Place, Bill Carey, Jay Hy, Tom Walters, YNN, Following Lincoln's trail home
  • 2nd Place, Staff, YNN, Your hometown

Sports Story

  • 1st Place, Andy Malnoske, WENY, Acceptance: Troy's Greg Congdon battles homophobia
  • 2nd Place, Andy Malnoske, WENY, Beating the odds: Trevor Umlah

Video Journalism

  • 1st Place, Keith Kobland, Phil Rankin, Luke Eggleston, Liz McDougall, WSYR TV, Video journalism
  • 2nd Place, Jim Beebe, WSYR TV, Video journalism

Video Essay

  • 1st Place, Scott Irving, WSYR TV, Winter day at the zoo
  • 2nd Place, Jason Hy, YNN, Lake Ontario's rich history

Sports Show

  • 1st Place, Staff, YNN, First and 10
  • 2nd Place, Lindsay Liquori, Sal Maneen, Steve Infanti, WSYR TV, SU basketball NCAA preview

Regularly Scheduled Local Newscast

  • 1st Place, Kristy Smorol, CNY Central, Major flood and homicide arrest
  • 2nd Place, Staff, WSYR TV, Bernie Fine fired


Best Radio Sports Story

  • 1st Place, Chet Davis, NCC News & WAER, How Tulane keeps pushing for the return of an on-campus stadium
  • 2nd Place, Bill Spaulding, NCC News & WAER, SU Marching Band

Best Radio News Story

  • 1st Place, Matt Johnston, WRVO, Central NY man brings Santa to special needs children
  • 2nd Place, Durrie Bouscaren, NCC News & WAER, 7-11-11 Southern Sudanese community celebrates first Independence Day

Best Radio Feature Story

  • 1st Place, Matt Johnston, WRVO, Quilt exhibition educates people about AIDS awareness

Best TV News Story

  • 1st Place, Marlei Martinez, NCC News & ABC News OnCampus, From infantryman to freshman
  • 2nd Place, Danielle Waugh, NCC News & ABC News OnCampus, Fighting childhood obesity with books

Best TV Feature Story

  • 1st Place, Matt Phifer, NCC News & ABC News OnCampus, Football walk-on shares his story
  • 2nd Place, Clay LePard, Ryan Koletty, Nena Garga, Bill Sharp, NCC News & CitrusTV, CitrusTV visits the Syracuse zoo

Best TV Sports Story

  • 1st Place, Clay LePard, NCC News & ESPNU, Syracuse racer
  • 2nd Place, David DeGuzman, Ted Goldberg, Caleb Lamb, Ryan Koletty, NCC News & Citrus TV, We still remember

Congratulations to all the winners!  A previously-scheduled event will prevent me from attending the banquet on May 5, but I had a great time attending last year's banquet and, if you've never been before, I would definitely recommend it.


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