New Lineup Begins on WUSP, WRCK and 95.5FM

August 6, 2012 by

UTICA/ROME -- Although word of a new format on two AM radio stations and an FM translator was first leaked in late July, it wasn't clear exactly when the new lineup would begin on WUSP 1550, WRCK 1480 and translator 95.5FM (W238CA).  That question is answered now; an observant reader says the new lineup started on Friday.

For more than a week, the stations had been airing a continuous loop, informing listeners that the news/talk/music lineup formerly branded as "WUTQ 100.7 and 95.5" would be available exclusively on the 100.7FM frequency going forward.

That's when we learned that "Good Guys Broadcasting," founded by Frank Abbadessa and Tom Coyne, will be buying the AM pair and the translator from Roser Communications Network.  While the sale is going through the usual FCC application process, Good Guys is already leasing the stations from Roser.  Documents filed on the FCC website showed the lease was due to begin on August 1.  The transaction also included WUTQ(AM) having its call sign changed to WUSP.  One report indicated that WRCK would flip back to its previous call sign, WADR, but so far, WRCK is still in place per the FCC website.

Our observant reader, whose name we'll keep anonymous, reports hearing a combination of programming from the Sports Byline Network and IRN/USA news radio.

During all of this, we had been trying to get more information about the new format from Good Guys Broadcasting.  Near the end of the week, we finally managed to obtain an email address for Coyne and sent some questions we had.  He promised to get back to us with details soon, but -- understandably -- his top priority right now is making sure everything's running smoothly.  As soon as we do hear back, we'll pass along those details.

The reader we've heard from says Tom Coyne will be doing a morning show.  Several other readers wrote in to share rumors about another possible local talk show -- hosted by Hank Brown -- but as of yet, has not been able to obtain any confirmation of such.  Again, we hope to get the full scoop from Good Guys Broadcasting soon, and once we do, we'll share what we learn.

Got News?

We can't thank our Utica-area readers enough for keeping us updated on this story; here at HQ, we're outside of the coverage area of these stations.  Not being able to tune-in the stations or stream them online, you're our ears in tracking the developments.  No matter where you are in the or coverage area, we're always grateful for your news tips: or use the Contact Form!


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