Rock Radio Rumble Update: New KROCK Ad Taunts 95X Manager

November 6, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- First, two guys left their morning show at Cumulus Media's 95X (WAQX) and went to work across town at Galaxy's KROCK (WKRL/WKRH/WKLL).  Next, Cumulus got upset and took the two guys to court.  Twice.  Although the two guys were banned from using phrases they coined at 95X, neither court blocked them from working at KROCK.  And now, Galaxy's returning fire at Cumulus, by way of a somewhat taunting display ad that's appearing on the area's busiest local news website.

The ad, pictured below, appeared on's home page yesterday.  The first frame, at left, features a picture of Cumulus General Manager Shane Bogardus, with the text, "Why is the 'X-Boss' afraid?"  After a few seconds, the image changes to the panel at right, promoting "Hunter and Josh Mornings" on their current station.  The photo of Bogardus, wearing a straw hat and a lei around his neck, appears to have been taken at a party of some sort.

These two panels are the primary frames of an advertisement which appeared on the homepage on November 6, 2012 contacted Bogardus via email on Tuesday to ask if he had any comment about his photo being used in the advertisement.  As of late Tuesday night, he has not responded to our inquiry.  If and when he responds, we'll update the story. also contacted Galaxy CEO/President Ed Levine, curious as to how the company justified using the photo of Bogardus.  He said Bogardus "is a VERY public figure with his position in the community and the aggressive legal action that he has taken against Hunter and Josh."  Levine went on to add, "I think the picture is quite flattering actually.  He must share that view or why would have have posted it on his Facebook page?"

When checked Bogardus' Facebook profile, the photo in question was not visible, meaning it had either been deleted or restricted from public view.

On a side note, Scott and Grosvent have officially renamed their program as "The Shownado," as of yesterday.  That announcement comes a week after a New York State Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order preventing the pair from using the program's former name, "The Show," at KROCK.  Cumulus Media has argued that the name "The Show" is its own intellectual property.  Court proceedings expected to result in a permanent ruling on the matter are scheduled for November 21.

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