95X Morning Hosts Resign After "Zombie Attack"

October 17, 2012 by

SYRACUSE -- With Halloween just around the corner, many listeners likely suspected it was just a comedy bit on the 95X (WAQX) morning show yesterday morning. But the "zombie attack" on co-hosts Hunter Scott and Josh Grosvent was more than just a gag -- after their shift ended, the pair submitted their resignations to management. readers told us this morning they hadn't realized what had happened until Scott, who also served as the station's program director, and Grosvent, were notably absent from their shift this morning. Upon receiving the first tip, we checked 95X's website and noticed the pair has been removed from the staff lineup.

Josh Grosvent and Hunter Scott appear for an event at Benjamin's on Franklin in Syracuse, from this Picture of the Week from June 2012. (Click for original)

Cumulus Media operations manager Tom Mitchell confirms the news. He tells that Scott and Grosvent, "chose to end their employment with us, and are looking outside the market and the radio industry. That is all they told us after their show on Tuesday."

In hindsight, both hosts had hinted at things to come via their Twitter accounts, the day before:

Fans familiar with the humor of Grosvent and Scott probably didn't read too much into those posts, though Grosvent tweeted a few more updates throughout the morning:





For the time being, Mitchell says afternoon drive host Big Smoothie is handling the wake-up shift. Given the short notice, no word yet on long-term plans for mornings. As soon as we learn more, we'll keep you posted here on

Added 10:20pm -- Grosvent and Scott won't be back to 95X, but they may not be leaving the market or local radio after all.

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