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95X adds Robinson for mornings

SYRACUSE -- It's a new but familiar voice on mornings at 95X (WAQX), as the Cumulus-owned active rocker debuted The Robinson Show today.  The new wake-up host worked for 95X once before, as the station's night host in 2003.  In between, he's been working at Rochester stations WCMF and WBZA.

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95X Morning Hosts Resign After "Zombie Attack"

SYRACUSE -- With Halloween just around the corner, many listeners likely suspected it was just a comedy bit on the 95X (WAQX) morning show yesterday morning. But the "zombie attack" on co-hosts Hunter Scott and Josh Grosvent was more than just a gag -- after their shift ended, the pair submitted their resignations to management.

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POTW: Zombie Prom (2011)

SYRACUSE -- Why should you have to wait all year for Halloween to dress up like a zombie?  Citadel rocker 95X (WAQX) hosted its annual "Zombie Prom" this past weekend in Armory Square.  Listeners were invited to dress up like a zombie -- and members of the on-air staff unquestionably led by example.

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Two Receive Promotions at 95X

SYRACUSE -- Two staff members at Citadel rocker 95X (WAQX) were recently promoted.  Big Smoothie tells he is now the afternoon drive host and night guy Joe D adds APD stripes.  Big Smoothie says the announcement is "kinda late" and apologizes for his delay in informing us.  (No problem... we're a little behind on […]

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Big Smoothie Returns to 95X

SYRACUSE -- Matt "Big Smoothie" Jacobs is back on the roster at Citadel rocker 95X (WAQX).  You may remember him as the host of "The People's Show" weekday evenings in the mid 2000s.  Jacobs recently rejoined the lineup for weekend duty: he's on Saturdays 10a-3p and Sundays 7a-1p.

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Beyond the Studio: Big Smoothie

SYRACUSE -- What do a short order cook, a bouncer, and a zamboni driver all have in common? Give up? They're all jobs that Matt Jacobs tackled before setting his sights on rock and roll.   Jacobs, who goes by Big Smoothie on the air at 95X (WAQX), has been holding court during the evenings […]

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