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Local and national broadcasters garner write-in votes in 2012 elections

SYRACUSE -- Would you vote local TV news anchor Rod Wood into public office?  How about former local talk host Jim Reith?  At least a few people said "yes" to these and other local broadcasters, submitting their names as write-in candidates during the 2012 General Election, according to results from the Onondaga County Board of […]

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WSYR Extends Lonsberry Show to Three Hours

SYRACUSE -- Two weeks after Bob Lonsberry took over afternoons at FM Newsradio 106.9 and 570 WSYR, his show has been extended by an extra hour.  The Rochester-based host still takes to the airwaves at 3pm, but as of today, his show runs until 6pm rather than 5pm.

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Clear Channel Restores Urban Format on 106.9

SYRACUSE -- As quickly and suddenly as it appeared on Friday, Clear Channel's "Young Country" format on WPHR has disappeared.  This morning, the station flipped back to its previous urban/R&B format, Power 106.9.

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POTW: Going Once, Going Twice... (2009)

SYRACUSE -- Even if you're not a big fan of public TV, chances are good you've heard one way or another that WCNY-TV's big televised auction, "TelAuc" for short, has been going on the past few weekends.  And throughout the auctions, some local radio personalities have stopped in to help drum up support.

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