Tag: Rudy Paolangeli

POTW Quiz: Name Those Vintage Mics! (2010)

ITHACA -- If you've been reading for awhile, you might remember last May, when we had a "Name that Studio" Picture of the Week -- the "mystery studio" was the home studio of Ithaca's Rudy Paolangeli. ¬†This week, Rudy has an impressive collection of vintage microphones... see how many you can identify by make […]

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POTW Quiz: Name That Studio!

MYSTERY LOCATION -- After a depressing start to the short week, we thought we'd try to lighten the mood by adding a little "trivia twist" to the Picture of the Week. Can you identify the studio and what year? OK, so you may not have seen every studio everywhere -- neither have we. How about […]

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