Tag: Tim Merchant

POTW: Vintage WKAL Sign Discovered (2011)

Updated at 8:00am - ROME -- Any longtime residents of the Copper City are being asked for help in piecing together the history of a vintage "WKAL On The Air" sign recently found "stashed away in the rafters" at the Capitol Theatre.  WKAL used to be located within the theatre.  Officials want to restore the […]

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POTW: WKAL Talent Publicity Poster

UTICA-ROME -- Remember WKAL?  Way back before FM radio took hold in the Mohawk Valley, this 1kW station at 1450AM was among the limited options for radio audiences, especially back in the 40s -- when WIBX was the only other station in the market.  Today, we hear from a former WKAL personality who recently found […]

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