WRVO and NPR: 'Understanding America After 9/11'

August 29, 2002 by Scott Jameson

Local public radio station WRVO is joining with other National Public Radio affiliates across the country in broadcasting 30 hours of special programming leading up to the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.The programs, to be aired 8/31 - 9/10 under the umbrella name "Understanding America After 9/11", will present a montage of stories exploring today's political, social, economic and psychological climate from communities across America, and looks ahead at the impact on our lives moving forward.

According to WRVO's news director, Chris Ulanowski, "The chance for synergy and partnership among public radio will allow WRVO to challenge its listeners to a greater extent than WRVO could do on its own." Ulanowski, who will moderate a discussion of "The Peace Movement after September 11" on Public Interest, says, "The neighborhood discussion has become worldwide."
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