Chester Whiteside dies at 82

November 13, 2003 by Scott Jameson

MONTROSE, AL -- Chester Whiteside certainly made his mark in Syracuse.  Whiteside was the city's first black disc jockey, working at 570 WSYR and 1260 WNDR during the 1960s, its first black television commentator, and Syracuse's first black firefighter. He also played a key role in establishing the Jerry Rescue monument in Clinton Square.  Whiteside died Monday from cancer at 82 in Montrose, Alabama.

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4 comments on “Chester Whiteside dies at 82”

  1. Chester Whiteside has been gone for a while but never forgotten. exspecialy not by me,I am one of his grandchildren. i to also live in Syracuse, i often hear people speak of my grandfather highly, some times i comment and sometime i just sit back and enjoy the stories that are coming out of their mouths, and smile. i love you grandad, and miss you dearly. Love always Nykki and her children

  2. When I was a teenager, I'd stay up late and listen to Chet's show. It was at the time the only place where we could hear a lot of the great rock and roll. Chet should receive more recognition for his effort. RIP-- cool mayor of the village.

  3. I met chester whitesides in the fall of 1992. In the town of Edenton N.C. he rented apartment next to me. I visited with him briefly for the next month. And then for the next 4 months we spent 2 to 5 hours every day. We talked about his first wife and son and daughter. And his second wife and kids he helped raise. He was truly an amazing man. The first head of OSHA, the first black firefighter in Syracuse N.Y. the first black fire investigator in Syracuse, a Radio and T.V. commentator. In a few short months I became very close to him he was like a long lost brother to me. My wife and I talked him into going to reconsile [they had a falling out] with Steven his son who lived in Longview Tex. He called me to tell me that they had a big argument and asked if I would send his things to Riverside calif. I later found that he had moved to Dafne Ala. We went to see him there and took him to lunch we found at that time he was starting to suffer from dementia. I have a great love for cheaster and would love to talk to someone in his family . Joseph Denos

  4. Dear Nicola Giles,
    My name is Edwin Fenty and I knew your grandfather as well.When I was a youngster living in Buffalo,NY. Chet Whiteside was a disc jockey and fire chief in Syracuse,N.Y. and knew my mom and dad. I remember him vividly, he was one of the good guys.Do u have any photos of him u can email.....old memories


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