Dick Bartley to Sign Off in March

December 30, 2008 by

UTICA-ROME -- Dick Bartley will be ending his long run as host of syndicated fare including "American Gold" and  "Rock & Roll's Greatest Hits" as of the end of March 2009.  The latter of the two programs airs locally on Oldiez 96 (WODZ).

According today's edition of Taylor on Radio-Info, that's when Bartley's "relationship" with ABC Radio Networks will expire.  No word on whether the decision came from ABC, Bartley, or if it was mutual.  Taylor says affiliates are being informed this week, to give them the required 90-day notice to find replacement programming.

Obviously too soon to tell if Regent's WODZ will be picking up another "specialty" show to fill Bartley's Saturday night timeslot, or if they'll simply fall back on ABC's "Classic Hits" satellite feed -- which already airs during most other hours on the station.


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