Clear Channel Layoffs on Jan. 20?

January 14, 2009 by

Jan 20 - See our updates here.

SYRACUSE -- We haven't had first-hand confirmation from anyone inside the CC Syracuse camp yet, but we're seeing more and more signs that January 20th could mean layoffs at Clear Channel stations across the country. (Updated with links to similar reports from other websites.)

Some posters on the Syracuse/Utica board at say they've heard January 20th will be the day -- and today's edition of (Tom) Taylor on Radio-Info concurs (citing sources across the country, not just here).

Many GMs have reportedly held local staff meetings since returning from their own meetings with corporate in Texas last week  (we've heard there was a meeting in Syracuse on Friday).  But those meetings have apparently yielded very little information, leaving staffers to wonder about their job status for the next six days.

Taylor's column (and the message board posters) suspect the date was chosen in the hopes the news media will be too busy covering the presidential inauguration to notice.

We'll admit, that idea might help CC avoid national attention -- but here at, we're not concerned with the inauguration.  We're only concerned with what's happening in radio in Central New York.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those of you working at 500 Plum Street.  We won't let your story get lost in the shuffle, because there won't be a shuffle to get lost in.

However, to tell your story, we'll need your help.  If you're a CC employee who can keep us in the loop on what's happening, please let us know.  We will keep all sources confidential unless you specifically tell us otherwise.  Just remember to use internet common sense: if you fear problems from informing us... then do so from your own personal e-mail account, not a work e-mail account.


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