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Galaxy CEO Reviews 2012 Q1 Performance

SYRACUSE -- The first quarter of 2012 "was flat overall" for Galaxy Communications, which owns several radio stations here and in the Utica-Rome market. "Local is fairing better ... but national continues to circle the drain," Galaxy CEO and President Ed Levine said in Wednesday's edition of the Taylor on Radio-Info newsletter.

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Objections to Regent's Chapter 11 Plan

CINCINNATI, OH -- There are at least two notable objections to the prearranged Chapter 11 plans announced by Regent Communications earlier this month -- one from a shareholder and one from a U.S. trustee.  Regent owns four stations in the Utica-Rome market. Update 3/23: Report says U.S. trustee's objection has been dismissed.

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Roser Applies to Buy Herkimer FM Translator

UTICA/ROME -- Locally-owned radio station owner Roser Communications Network could soon be growing: reports say a religious broadcaster has filed an application to sell a Herkimer-based FM translator to RCN for $30,000.

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Citadel Media Cutbacks Impact Oldiez 96

UTICA-ROME -- At least three people were pinkslipped from the on-air lineup at Regent's Oldiez 96 (WODZ) today... but Regent had no control over the changes.  The decision was made by Citadel Media, who supplies the station's syndicated "Classic Hits" satellite feed outside of morning drive.

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Taylor: Chapter 11 for Regent? (And 3Q Reports from Saga, CC)

Less than a week after Citadel Broadcasting announced it may soon be exploring "the possibility of seeking relief through a Chapter 11 filing," one prominent online columnist explains why he thinks Regent could be in a similar situation.  Both companies own stations in Central New York.

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Citadel Headed for Chapter 11?

Citadel Broadcasting could be forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection early next year, unless it can form a deal with creditors by mid-January.  The owner of more than 200 radio stations -- including four in Syracuse -- admitted that possibility in a quarterly filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.

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Clear Channel Layoffs on Jan. 20?

Jan 20 - See our updates here. SYRACUSE -- We haven't had first-hand confirmation from anyone inside the CC Syracuse camp yet, but we're seeing more and more signs that January 20th could mean layoffs at Clear Channel stations across the country. (Updated with links to similar reports from other websites.)

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