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Sports Show Bud and the Manchild to Make Comeback

SYRACUSE -- The once-successful local sports talk pairing of Bud and the Manchild will return to the airwaves on Monday, May 3.  The show has a new timeslot -- weekdays from 10am to noon.  It also has a new home -- Citadel's The Score 1260 (WSKO). spoke with co-host Jim Lerch, who says he's […]

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Clear Channel Loses $428M in First Quarter

SAN ANTONIO, TX -- CC Media Holdings, Inc. released its first quarter earnings report for 2009 today, and -- similar to last week's reports from Regent and Citadel -- the results are not positive.  The nation's largest radio group says revenue fell 23% compared to last year's first quarter -- and the company also posted […]

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Clear Channel Cuts, Round 2: Butch Charles Out

UPDATED 4/28 at 11:00pm: SYRACUSE -- Clear Channel carried out its second round of massive layoffs of the year today -- eliminating 590 jobs on top of the 1,800 let go on January 20th.  Multiple sources concur one PD has been laid off in Syracuse, a former Ithaca radio journalist was cut in Albany, a […]

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Bud & The Manchild Talk About Life After Radio

SYRACUSE -- The day after Jim "The Manchild" Lerch was among the 1,800+ victims in a nationwide wave of Clear Channel layoffs, he and former co-host Bud Poliquin are talking about the cancellation of their afternoon sports talk show on Sportsradio 620 WHEN.

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CC Cuts 9 percent; WHEN's Jim Lerch Exit Confirmed

SYRACUSE -- Sportsradio 620 WHEN sports director Jim Lerch is confirmed to be among the 1,800 fired nationwide by Clear Channel today.  Overall, the company says it has cut 9% of its staff.  Most of the cuts reportedly came from sales, but quite a few, like Lerch, came from the programming side.

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Wall St. Journal: CC Cuts Will be Mostly in Sales

NEW YORK CITY - Just a few days after the New York Post confirmed there would be plenty of layoffs at Clear Channel on January 20, the Wall Street Journal reports similar findings.

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NY Post Reports on CC Layoff Plans

NEW YORK CITY -- An article in today's New York Post confirms Clear Channel's plans to "cut $400 million in costs."  The paper quotes "three sources with inside knowledge of the plan" who say "an initial round of layoffs is expected to commence next Tuesday." 

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Clear Channel Layoffs on Jan. 20?

Jan 20 - See our updates here. SYRACUSE -- We haven't had first-hand confirmation from anyone inside the CC Syracuse camp yet, but we're seeing more and more signs that January 20th could mean layoffs at Clear Channel stations across the country. (Updated with links to similar reports from other websites.)

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