Former K-LOVE Hosts Explain Sudden Exit

July 10, 2009 by

ROCKLIN, CA -- Former K-LOVE morning co-host Jon Rivers says his addiction to prescription painkillers was the reason he and spouse/co-host Sherry suddenly disappeared from the mic about three months ago.

It's all detailed in an open letter to listeners, posted on the K-LOVE website.  Rivers says the addiction developed after he was first prescribed the medicine for "seemingly impossible to treat headaches" a few years ago.

Locally, K-LOVE affiliates include 101.7 WGKV/Pulaski, 101.3 in Sherburne and Syracuse, 100.7 WKVU/Utica, and 90.1 WKWV/Watertown. The network of Christian music and all 230 affiliates nationwide are owned by Educational Media Foundation.

Not long into the letter, Rivers explains, "this is completely my fault. Sherry, Lexi or K-LOVE had nothing to do with the events that occurred." Rivers goes on to explain how his addiction "led me ... further away than I ever realized was possible" from family, friends and co-workers.

He then credits his wife, "who was willing to wake me up to the reality of who I had become," and for getting him on track to "get the help I desperately needed."

Rivers says he's doing much better today, and encourages any listeners who may have addictions to take action to turn their own lives around. He sums up the situation with his morning show by saying, "Our quick departure from K-LOVE was unfortunate, but was really the only way for Sherry to fully get my attention. K-LOVE has stood by us and we continue to be great friends."

But Rivers stops short of saying whether he and his bride will return to their old job.


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