Keeler Show Hosts Pair of World Record Attempts

November 23, 2009 by

UTICA-ROME -- If the folks in charge of the Guinness Book of World Records approve, The Keeler Show on 92.7 The Drive (WXUR) could be credited for helping to get two new listings added to the book.  The attempts took place during Friday's show.

According to a report from Utica Daily News (which is owned by Keeler's production company), magician Leon Etienne established the records for the most escapes from a straight jacket while suspended upside down within a 60-minute period (63 times).

According to the UDN article, the feat -- which would be a brand new record -- still has to be approved by Guinness.  Among other things, they require video evidence and notarized statements from witnesses of the attempt.  No word yet on when a decision is expected.

A tipster tells us Etienne may have also established a record for the fastest single escape from a straight jacket while upside down, but neither the tipster nor the article provided an exact time. (Obviously it was under a minute if Etienne managed to escape 63 times in an hour.)


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