WHCU to Air 2-Part Recap of 2009's Top Stories

December 24, 2009 by

ITHACA -- There's been no shortage of big stories for journalists this year, both on the national/world level and on the state/local level.  For the next two weekends, News/Talk 870 WHCU will take some time to recall the biggest stories and some of the most interesting interviews from 2009.

Morning Newswatch co-host and Assistant PD Dave Vieser has reviewed countless hours of audio for the special, which begins this Saturday, December 26th from 7-9am.  The program continues the following Saturday, January 2, in the same timeslot.

Vieser says it was a challenge to assemble the program because 2009 offered many important stories.  "It wasn’t just one story, like in 2001 with the terrorist attack on America; we had a constant stream of stories which dominated the news cycle for days at a time—from President Obama’s inauguration; the death of Michael Jackson; the Fort Hood shootings; health care reform; and much more."

He adds there were many big local stories as well... including the New York Jets' training camp in Cortland, cutbacks at many local employers, and debates over topics like natural gas drilling, and communities struggling to balance their budgets.

Vieser says there were so many more stories he wanted to include, but "there was a whole lot which had to be left on the editing room floor, cut from the program."

But, we're told the program isn't strictly business.  Listeners will have the chance to catch some bloopers from Morning Newswatch during the last few minutes of the first show this weekend.  Vieser jokingly tells us, "I found a few mistakes that co-host and News Director Geoff Dunn made in the archives, but none of my on-air mistakes."

No comment from Dunn in the press release issued by the Saga Communications-owned station.


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