CC Syracuse Signs Deal with Wireless Grids

February 10, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- We've heard of electronic hardware and software... but this could be the start of a new techno-buzzword: Clear Channel has signed with Wireless Grids Corporation to use what WGC calls "edgeware" to increase interactivity with listeners of the company's six Syracuse stations.

A press release issued by WGC yesterday says Clear Channel will "undertake a product trial" of Wireless Grid's products, which the company says will "enable a social community of people to dynamically interact with various forms of content on their mobile (and other) devices."

GM Joel Delmonico is quoted as saying he's "always interested in exploring new methods of interaction and content distribution for the benefit of our listeners."

The CEO of Wireless Grids is quoted in praising the radio cluster for "reaching more than 60% of the market through the combined power of their six radio stations."  Thanks to Arbitron embargoing the ratings for Syracuse, it's tough to verify that claim -- as of the Spring 2008 book, the last to be made public, Clear Channel's combined total rating was only 36.8% of the market.

At present, the Wireless Grids Corporation website showcases only one product, called Innovaticus, which "has begun deployment to college campuses in the US, and will begin in the Caribbean and arond the world in Q3 2008."

The page describes Innovaticus as a system that will allow users to share not only files, but devices like speakers, microphones, cameras and monitors.  The system also promises to allow users to "create cool mash-ups of home content/hardware/software and web services."

It's not quite clear -- from the website or from the press release -- exactly how this service will be employed by the radio stations, nor how or when this will begin to impact station/audience relations.



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