Lineups Revealed for New Citadel Formats

February 25, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- The website for 105.9FM The Big Talker (WLTI) is still under construction, and the website for The Score 1260 (WSKO) still reflects the current ESPN Radio lineup.   But promotional documents obtained by through an anonymous source reveal the specific timeslots for the new lineups on both stations. (Updated 3/2 with 105.9 overnights.)

The documents were recently distributed to various clients and advertising agencies. They include the talent lineups for both stations, as well as some sample advertising rates on 105.9 The Big Talker.

Lineup for The Score 1260 (WSKO)


- 6am: Imus in the Morning
- 10am: Tim Brando
- 1pm: 2 Live Stews
- 2pm: On the Block with Brent Axe
- 6pm: Daily Sports Wrap Up
- 7pm: Tim Montemayor (Mon-Wed)
- 7pm: Troy Aikman Show (Thursday), Montemayor at 8pm
- 7pm: SNR Fantasy Source (Friday), Montemayor at 8pm
- 10pm: Todd Wright Tonight
- 2am: David Stein


- 2am: SNR Overnight
- 8am: Golf World On Air
- 9am: SNR's Inside Track
- 10am: Tim Brando's College Football Pregame
- 12pm: SNR Pregame
- 1pm: Sports Saturday/Sunday
- 7pm: SNR Postgame
- 11pm: Troy Aikman Show


- 12am: SNR Fantasy Source
- 1am: SNR Overnite
- 5am: Best of SNR
- 7am: Larry Brown
- 10am: Troy Aikman Show
- 11am: Mike Florio & Craig Shemon
- 1pm: Around the NFL
- 7pm: SNR Postgame
- 11pm: SNR Overnite

Lineup for 105.9 The Big Talker

(WLTI now, callsign change pending)


- 5am: Bob & Tom
- 10am: Stephanie Miller
- 12pm: Michael Smerconish
- 2pm: Dave Ramsey
- 4pm: Gary Nolan
- 7pm: Mark Levin
- Overnights: Red Eye Radio with Doug McIntyre

To the best of our knowledge, a weekend lineup hasn't yet been released.

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6 comments on “Lineups Revealed for New Citadel Formats”

  1. Three sports stations, three talk stations, and no one's carrying Nascar of any sort? Does Galaxy still have some tie to those rights even though they don't run any of the programming (MRN/PRN)?

    The talk lineup seems weak, too. Levin's been on previously in Syracuse (ran at 10PM on WSYR back during WFBL's first run as a talker) and was replaced after a while with Mike McConnell. With Levin I always got the impression I was listening in on a bad copycat of The Savage Nation anyhow, it was almost comical to hear him make the same point Savage had earlier, then rip on Savage for being too extreme or something, then later go on a rant or rip into a caller just like Savage.

    The others don't make me curious enough to tune away from what I already listen to now, and I think that's going to be the key to a third station in the same format in this market - finding something that will make people want to tune away from the top shows in the genre.

  2. I usually don't insert my opinions on stories, but I think it's nice to see a non-political talk show with Dave Ramsey on the lineup. Sure, politics are always a hot topic, but there comes a point where I've had enough. I've never heard Dave Ramsey anywhere before, but financial advice shows are always a nice break from politics... they usually offer practical advice anyone can put to good use to benefit themselves immediately, and I always seem to learn something.

  3. For the editor of a radio website you don't know what is on the air it seems. I hear Joe G play Dave Ramsay every day on wsyr.

  4. I said I've never heard Ramsey, but I never said he wasn't on in the market. WSYR runs Ramsey's morning feature at 5:45am, which is way before my alarm goes off. I usually have no reason to be up at 5:45.

  5. Going non-political talk actually is probably a smart idea. Right now in that timeslot you have politics with Rush and politics/variety with Dennis Miller, so shows like Ramsey or say Clark Howard would be the next logical choice to try to attract listeners and give them something different.

  6. Schedules posted on The Big Talker website show a 10pm-1am re-air of Stephanie Miller and Red Eye Radio beginning 1 am; I went through and posted as much info as I could find on the wiki page including the complete new scehdule.


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