Wright: Radio "at a fork in the road"

June 7, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- Longtime local radio personality and Syracuse University associate broadcasting professor Dr. Roosevelt "Rick" Wright says radio is "at a fork in the road," reflecting on the many recent format changes in the market. He also calls out larger corporate owners for buying too many "overvalued" stations too quickly, racking up painful debt.

Wright's comments appeared in a Sunday column by Syracuse Post-Standard columnist Mark Bialczak. In the story, Bialczak also shares comments from Foxfur Communications co-owner Sam Furco about last August's launch of New Country WOLF 105.1, and response from Clear Channel GM Joel Delmonico, who oversees heritage country station B104.7 (WBBS) -- (and for a weekend, the counter-programmed "Young Country 106.9").

The article also explores the politics behind the move of ESPN Radio's affiliation earlier this year from Citadel's 1260 AM (formerly WNSS, now WSKO) to Galaxy's WTLA/WSGO and two FM translators. You'll find comments from Citadel Ops Manager Tom Mitchell, along with Galaxy CEO Ed Levine. Mitchell also shares thoughts behind the decision to scrap the old Lite Rock 105.9, flipping it to 105.9 The Big Talker (WXTL) this spring.

One comment on “Wright: Radio "at a fork in the road"”

  1. The comments on the article were interesting. Most were complaining that the music is all the same, which is true, and the stations were just jostling for the money and not that concerned with the listeners, which is also in many cases true. At least in my opinion.


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