NYSBA Awards: 93Q Wins for Interactive Sales

June 30, 2010 by

SYRACUSE -- We continue to hear from local winners at the 44th annual Excellence in Broadcasting Awards, handed out by the New York State Broadcasters' Association on Monday night.  Citadel's 93Q (WNTQ) is the latest to check-in, taking home an award for "Best Local Interactive Sales Campaign."

You may be wondering -- didn't the Saga Ithaca cluster win the same award? Yes, they did -- as we reported yesterday. But Syracuse and Ithaca compete in two different categories, dictated by market size.  Stations in Syracuse compete with other larger markets (except NYC), such as Rochester, Buffalo and Albany. Stations in Ithaca compete with other smaller markets like Utica-Rome and Watertown.

Any more winners?

We asked the NYSBA for a complete listing of winners this morning, but have yet to hear a response. And as of lunchtime on Wednesday, there's still no listing on the NYSBA website, either. So if you or one of your colleagues won an award and we haven't reported it here yet -- let us know!

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