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CENTRAL NEW YORK -- If you checked out "The Year in Review: 2010," posted earlier today, you know there were certainly many big stories this year.   But which stories were the biggest?  Which stories got the most attention from readers?  As per our tradition, we just checked our server stats to see which stories had the most hits over the past 365 days, and we present to you now, the top 10 stories of 2010.

Most Popular Search Engine Terms

Before we get to the stories, a quick look at the top 10 terms people typed in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. before subsequently viewing an article on

  1. Krockathon 2010
  2. Stew Schantz
  3. WFBL 1390
  4. Ed Levine Galaxy
  5. WTLB
  6. Eastlan Ratings
  7. Susan Arbetter
  8. ESPN Radio CNY
  9. "Kevin Keefe" Syracuse
  10. Jay Fishman WSYR
Top 10 searches as compiled by Google Analytics, with searches for "CNYRadio" and similar (cny radio,, etc.) removed.

And now without further adieu, the ten most-viewed stories during 2009:

#10: WHEN Flips from Sports to Urban… More Flips Coming?

SYRACUSE — Shortly after 3:00pm Wednesday, Clear Channel ended the sports format on WHEN and replaced it with a simulcast of Power 106.9 (WPHR). Not too long after that, the Power 106.9 website is now sporting (pardon the pun) a new logo — and there are new station liners – branding it as “Power 620 AM.” It is believed the changes are leading up to an FM simulcast of NewsRadio 570 WSYR. [More »]

#9: Bob & Tom Lose Cable TV Show

INDIANAPOLIS — First they were on the radio, then they were also on cable TV. Now, the nationally-synduicated Bob & Tom Show, carried locally in Syracuse and Watertown, and formerly in Utica, is back to being a radio-only show. According to this morning’s edition of Tom Taylor’s Taylor on Radio-Info e-newsletter, the TV show was cancelled after two seasons on WGN America. [More »]

#8: Former Big Frog 104 DJ “Crickett” Dies

MEADVILLE, PA — It is with sadness we report that former Big Frog 104 (WFRG) midday hostess Karie “Crickett” Shields has died. According to a news report published yesterday, Shields was found dead Monday morning in a friend’s home. For the past ten years, Shields hosted middays at northwestern Pennsylvania’s Froggy 100.3/98.5. [More »]

#7: Former Clear Channel Utica OM Stew Schantz Dies

UTICA-ROME — Stew Schantz, who once served as Operations Manager of Clear Channel’s former Utica-Rome cluster, has passed away at the age of 53. He most recently was working as OM and afternoon driver at WUPE in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Anonymous sources say Schantz died Friday morning, of complications following a heart attack Thursday night. [More »]

#6: Arbitron Re-Issuing Watertown Ratings

WATERTOWN — Arbitron today told its clients that it has disqualified two in-tab diaries from its Fall 2009 survey of the Watertown market. The ratings giant explains the diaries “were returned from a household whose participation in the survey was disclosed to a media-affiliated individual.” Arbitron says some ratings — particularly for The Border 106.7 (WBDR-FM) — may be “substantially affected” as a result of removing the two diaries. [More »]

#5: KRock Unveils Dysfunctional Family BBQ Lineup

SYRACUSE — A mix of national and local acts are on the bill for the 4th annual KRock (WKRL/WKRH/WKLL) Dysfunctional Family BBQ. The station says the concert is set for Sunday, May 29th at Chevy Court at the New York State Fairgrounds. Tickets go on sale Saturday morning. [More »]

#4: Hot 107.9 puts Elvis Duran on AM Drive; Marty & Shannon Later

SYRACUSE — It’s now confirmed: former Hot 107.9 (WWHT) morning co-hosts Marty and Shannon are still part of the station’s weekday lineup after the syndicated “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” debuted on the Clear Channel CHR today. But they won’t be together: Shannon’s solo for middays 10a-2p, and Marty follows until 7pm. [More »]

#3: Citadel Confirms New WNSS Lineup; Also Lite Rock Going FM Talk

SYRACUSE — Big news from the Citadel camp on James Street this afternoon: the station confirms WNSS will remain a sports-talker branded as “The Score 1260″ as of March 5th. Even more of a surprise: Lite Rock 105.9 will be flipped to an FM talk format, branded as “105.9 The Big Talker.” [More »]

#2: ESPN Radio Syracuse Adds Red Sox, Masters

SYRACUSE — Two more pro sports adds to the lineup at The New ESPN Radio (WTLA/WSGO). The stations, which include the two AMs and two FM translators (97.7 and 100.1) will be carrying all Boston Red Sox games this season, as well as The Masters Tournament. [More »]

#1: K-Rockathon 15 Lineup Unveiled

SYRACUSE — Avenged Sevenfold and Limp Bizkit are among the top names scheduled to appear at K-Rockathon 15 later next month at the New York State Fairgrounds. The lineup was announced by Rainman on Monday evening on Galaxy’s trio of K-Rock stations (WKLL/WKRL/WKRH). [More »]

There you have it, the ten most-viewed stories from from 2010, according to our internal site statistics.  Incidentally, the lineup for 2009's K-Rockathon 14 was "technically" the #2 most-viewed story during 2010 -- we're guessing likely from fans running Google searches trying to find the 2010 lineup after heavy traffic crashed K-Rock's own website.  We noticed the 2009 article getting plenty of traffic at the time, and as a courtesy, updated the old story with a link to the 2010 lineup.

However, for this top-10 list, we decided to only include stories that were originally published during 2010.  Had we literally just listed the 10 most viewed pages, our home page would have been #1, and other "static" pages like our Contact and Links pages would have also made the list.  Notable, our page for Syracuse's Eastlan Ratings would have been #6 on the survey -- as Arbitron continues to embargo its ratings data, only making it viewable by subscribers.

Also notable, the fact that the WHEN flip from sports to urban skyrocketed into the top ten, despite the fact it happened just a little over a week ago.  On last year's top ten, the "latest" story to make the list was published in August.  Had that NOT happened, our #10 story would have been Eastlan's release of their Spring 2010 ratings for Syracuse, with 721 hits.

Stats Wrap-Up

According to Google Analytics, the year (up to December 30) saw welcome over 124,300 visitors, including more than 51,700 unique visitors, generating 243,470 page views.  Most of you are still using Internet Explorer (we'll resist our urge to rant about that browser), with 24% using Firefox, 11% on Apple's Safari browser, and 4% using Google's Chrome browser.

More than 83% of our visitors are using Windows, while 10.6% prefer Mac OS.   Apple iPhone users generated 2.78% of our traffic, with mobile devices running Android following, with 1.02% of our traffic.  A fraction of a percent of our users access the site using iPads, iPods, Linux and the browser on their PlayStation 3 game consoles.

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