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September 21, 2010 by

INDIANAPOLIS -- First they were on the radio, then they were also on cable TV. Now, the nationally-synduicated Bob & Tom Show, carried locally in Syracuse and Watertown, and formerly in Utica, is back to being a radio-only show.

According to this morning's edition of Tom Taylor's Taylor on Radio-Info e-newsletter, the TV show was cancelled after two seasons on WGN America, a Chicago-based "superstation" that's carried on cable systems nationwide, including most (if not all) the Time Warner lineups in's coverage area.

Plans for the Bob & Tom TV show were announced back in August 2008, with a launch date that November.  The cancellation of the TV show had no impact on the radio show, which is syndicated by Clear Channel-owned Premiere Radio Networks.

Executives at Tribune, the parent of WGN America, said it was an "excellent" show, but they've revamped their prime-time and overnight lineups with a heavy focus on sitcom reruns instead of original programming.

The arrangement was similar to one Howard Stern had years ago with the "E!" cable channel.  Bob & Tom's morning radio show would be videotaped each day.  Then, the TV crew would trim it down to a daily one-hour "best of" show. According to Wikipedia, WGN America originally aired the show at midnight eastern, then later moved it to 2am.  The last show on WGN America aired on September 10.

The Bob & Tom Show is carried in Syracuse by Citadel's 105.9 The Big Talker (WXTL) and on Community Broadcasters' 94 Rock WOTT in Watertown.  The show was formerly carried in Utica-Rome by 96.9 WOUR, back when that rock station was owned by Clear Channel.

One comment on “Bob & Tom Lose Cable TV Show”

  1. That stinks to have to go back to just radio. I wonder how much more money was made on tv.


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