Announcing Our New Design, Other Changes

January 23, 2011 by

Welcome to the newly redesigned and!  Over the past two months or so, your editor has been working behind the scenes to give the site a facelift.  Those of you who've "liked" our Facebook page have already had the chance to preview the new design while it was under construction.  Those of you who have a subscriber login (so you can post comments) will notice the login link in the main menu at the top of the page has been replaced by a new login area in the far-right sidebar.  That's also where you can register for a FREE subscriber account, if you don't already have one.

One of the main reasons for the redesign was to better acknowledge our acquisition last fall of, after that site's original owner decided he couldn't maintain the site anymore.  Rather than let the domain name fall into obscurity, we decided to merge the sites, and add coverage of the happenings in local television to our site.

Another reason is that the core software running this site has been upgraded a few times, but our old design didn't really take advantage of these features.  The new design is better-designed to take advantage of the new features, and to be more compatible with future core software upgrades.

Your Thoughts?

Although we've tested the new design in three different browsers before launching it to the public, we're still interested in hearing your thoughts.  Problems in your specific browser?  Let us know -- be sure to tell us which browser you're using, and what kind of device (Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc.).

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One comment on “Announcing Our New Design, Other Changes”

  1. Headlines on the main page would stand out better with a bolder font; just going from that page to this page you can see the difference and it looks a lot better.

    I'm looking at this with MS IE 8.0 on a PC, if that makes any difference.


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